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Which commercial vehicle should construction professionals choose?

Renault Trucks offers the Renault Trucks Master and Renault Trucks Trafic ranges to help you find the perfect light commercial vehicle. 11 different models and more than 300 configurations are available! Renault Trucks' expertise ensures a tailored experience.

Renault Trucks E-Tech Master Electric

Renault Trucks E-Tech Master: the 100% electric LCV that meets all of your requirements.

Renault Trucks Master

Single and double van cab, single and double chassis, platform cab, all profiles geared to your activity’s needs and constraints. Whatever your Renault Trucks Master model, take advantage of new high-performance and more fuel-efficient twin-turbo engines (from 110 hp to 180 hp), as well as the electric motor option.

RENAULT TRUCKS TRAFIC Professional equipment in professional hands

Trafic Red Exclusive, only at Renault Trucks! An enhanced version of the standard Trafic Red Edition with additional features to offer a premium experience.

Which light commercial vehicle should you choose to work in hard-to-reach areas?

Depending on your activity, you need to drive over unpaved, damaged or snow-covered roads, drive over muddy terrain, drive through fields or even drive through forests. To perform your activities seamlessly and with confidence, Renault Trucks offers you our range of light commercial vehicles for all terrains.